Value Ratings: Proposal evaluation

You are in charge of proposal evaluation for competing vendor bids. There are several dominant considerations:

  • Vendor reputation
  • Client base
  • Recent experience
  • Cost bid
  • Warranty

The Challenge

Naturally, some considerations are more important than others are. But saying precisely how much more is difficult to do. By revealing your Preference Profile across these considerations, you open the way to incisive decision-making.

The Solution

After taking the preference survey, the Preference Profile reveals exactly how important each consideration is to your business. The Value Ratings capture the tradeoffs between these considerations for each proposal. This enables you to rank the proposals in terms of what matters to you.

Viewed through your Preference Profile, this complex decision is made simpler

proposal evaluation

The Value Ratings offer more than just rankings. In this example, we see that Proposal B leads, closely followed by Proposals C and G, tied for second best. Moreover, we can compare the best Value Rating (80%) to the worst (42%) to understand that there is a nearly a two-fold difference between the available choices. These are your results. Value Ratings for other people will differ because their underlying preferences differ.

And when decisions are especially consequential, Value Ratings offer additional guidance: Evidence Strength.  Evidence Strength tells you when you are witnessing reliably high performance.