Calculated Risk, Inc.

The Firm – Calculated Risk, Inc.

Established in 1997, Calculated Risk, Inc. specializes in performance measurement consulting. The work spans both statistical and sociological arenas, for which we coined the term politistics. This means doing more than designing and creating fair measures of performance; we can also navigate the sometimes challenging terrain of human reactions to objective evaluations.

Calculated Risk, Inc.

Once we have good performance measures, the question becomes: How can they help with decisions? Our solutions emphasize techniques for making good choices when the options are complex and hard to compare. These circumstances have become increasingly common, as the Big Data revolution transforms the information ecosystems in which we conduct our lives and businesses. However, suitable assistance for decision-makers has not kept up.

Founder – James Andrianos

James Andrianos brings more than two decades of performance measurement experience from the exacting and sensitive healthcare sector. His academic experience at Princeton and The University of Chicago is uniquely complementary: statistics, psychometrics, cognitive psychology, and relatively new decision-making sciences such as behavioral finance.